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Biomedical Systems Partners with Intelemage to Power Clinical Trial Imaging Activities

Intelemage Selected By Biomedical Systems to Power Clinical Trial Imaging Activities

Intelemage (CINCINNATI, OH), is excited to announce a new relationship with Biomedical Systems in the commercial core lab space. Biomedical Systems, based in St. Louis, MO, evaluated numerous medical image management solution providers and selected Intelemage based upon their high level of system configurability, strong customer service and professional services, as well as solid footprint in the industry.

“The Intelemage team has shown us from day one that they are a leader in this space, offering a comprehensive, integrated and compliant EDC imaging solution,” said Susan Shelby, Ph.D, Vice President of Global Clinical Operations for Biomedical Systems in St. Louis, MO. “Intelemage streamlines our imaging data flow, seamlessly linking together technical data steps, allowing Biomedical Systems to provide high quality and timely centralized imaging data to our clients. We are extremely excited to utilize Intelemage as part of our suite of expert clinical data solutions.”

The InteleGRID®, the flagship product from Intelemage, incorporates secure image submission and distribution, configurable workflows and forms, and advanced task management, all within a single application. Each unique clinical trial managed by Biomedical Systems will be configured on the InteleGRID® platform according to the unique requirements of the trial, rather than adapting their internal processes to match the capabilities of the platform.

“Biomedical Systems is a leader in the imaging core lab space and we are excited to power the clinical data exchange activities for such an organization,” said Dan Braga, VP Life Sciences at Intelemage. “We continue to gain significant traction in the commercial core lab and CRO space as the InteleGRID is now recognized as the most proven, comprehensive, and powerful solution on the market.”

About Intelemage:

Intelemage® was founded in 2007 and is currently powering the medical image and clinical data collaboration activities for medical device and pharmaceutical companies, core labs, CROs, hospitals, and physicians.

Intelemage is trusted by many large well-known institutions and professionals including:

• Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

• Prestigious Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

• Top Surgeons and Radiologists

• Professional Sports Leagues and Teams